internal questions and 2021 new years resolutions (in march??)

Hello, friends💜

It’s been a little bit since I’ve updated Avocado Thoughts. Today I’m going to briefly touch base with you all and let you know some of my internal questions about the blog and my life recently.

As many of you know, I’m a high school senior this year and will be heading off to college this summer. As the end of the school year approaches and all of the activities I’m involved in have been winding down, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with decisions and – it might sound dramatic – my psyche.

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my 2020 summer outfits no one saw

Hello friends ❤

I think I can speak for everyone when I say it’s been a rough last couple of months. It’s been very trying – and really disappointing at times.

As a little last hurrah of my 2020 summer, I wanted to share some of the outfits I would’ve worn out in public that I love if I would’ve been able to leave the house.

I’ll let you know the brand (and exact style if I remember) of each of these pieces!

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september bullet journal setup📼🌈⚡️

Hello ❤

It’s been a crazy day, folks. Haha, Sera, it’s been a crazy two weeks- I managed to finish and photograph this September bujo setup all today. I’ve been planning it and thinking about what I wanted to do with it for a couple months – and it was definitely worth it. I am so pleased with how the theme turned out!

If you’re interested in watching the process of this month’s spread, head over to my Pinterest! I’ll be posting them this week.

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…school started + my first portrait painting

Hello ❤

I am stressed. I’ve had the entirety of 5 months to prepare for my senior year and yet I feel more unprepared than ever. College applications are looming, scholarship deadlines seem to be flying towards me, ACT and SAT prep is overwhelming and my schedule seems to be packed with important dates.

Today was the first day of school and to be honest with you, I’m already exhausted. I apologize in advance; my blogging schedule is going to switch up at least for August. Now that school has started, I’m going to shoot for one post every two weeks… but I hope I can get two in.

While I’ve had a tiring couple of weeks, I hit a really cool milestone! A couple weeks ago, I switched my Pinterest account to a business one and started uploading videos of my bullet journal. Yesterday I hit 100K monthly viewers! Thank you guys for everything.

I’ve been pretty overwhelmed but I wanted to post something to let you all know I’m not dead nor have I forgotten about you. Aaaand I recently painted my first ever portrait; here are some pictures!

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my favorite song quotes & thoughts ~ FINNEAS, boy blue

Hello everyone<3

Quick PSA: Go check out Arena from the blog From a stranger to you for inspiring me to make this post. I’ve been reading the beautiful poems she writes and the deep meaning of her posts and have fallen in love. To put it simply; I wanted to copy. Haha, I’m just kidding; if I attempted to copy that eloquence I would fail miserably. BUT I decided I would like to attempt my own version of her style of art.

I love reading the type of posts that describe a memory with feeling and emotion. I love it when I can imagine myself in the exact scene described and I love it when it makes me feel nostalgic. I’m excited to share my loves with you guys so let’s go 🙂

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august bullet journal setup✨⭐️


Everyone; school starts for me this month. How crazy is that? I feel like the summer was really long but also really short at the same time. Anyway, I can’t seem to figure out whether I’m upset that school is starting or happy… my emotions are everywhere:’D Either way, I’m excited to be finishing up high school and moving on.

The theme I used as inspiration for this month mostly came from Pinterest! I thought it was super adorable and fit into a classic sophisticated rose gold aesthetic🌷

let’s go!

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some senior photography🌻


Yesterday was my three year anniversary on WordPress🤭 It’s crazy to think that just 3 years ago little 14 year old Sera started Avocado Thoughts. To be honest, the timing was impeccable. I was also getting my senior photos taken yesterday, thinking to myself how time flies. As a little tribute, I’m going to be sharing some of the behind the scenes pictures from the photo shoot:)

Time to get nostalgic –

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minimalism, acne and totoro *life update*


There has been a lot going on in my life emotionally and mentally lately! I figured I’d try to get some stuff off my chest while also updating you all. It’s been a hard couple of months and I think it didn’t really hit me til this month. It’s all coming down, baby!

Anyway, get ready for me to unpack what’s been plaguing me lately. Maybe you’ll be able to relate☺️

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