☀️sunshine blogger award☀️


I have been in a writing block for at least 3 weeks now. Can anyone else relate? I’ve been struggling to write coherently and convey what I feel. Let’s hope this block doesn’t last for too long! This post took me much longer than it should have to write – and I didn’t even formally nominate specific bloggers.

Also, I scheduled my senior pictures for this month and I am very nervous. I’ve never done any sort of photo shoot before so let’s hope I don’t make a fool of myself. There have been quite a few things plaguing me lately so I may do a life update post soon. What have you all been up to?

A huge thank you to the wonderful Nath from the blog Oh, Nath who nominated me for this award! She makes content based around everything from books to travel; definitely go check her out and send some love! Thank you so much, Nath! You are so sweet.

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basics for a prepping freshman college student ft. America


I have been begging my sister to write this post for me since she got back from her first semester of college this last year. This year will be my senior year of high school and college is fast approaching. I hope you guys find this enjoyable and informative! Let me know if you want to see more college based posts.


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Small Joys Tag 🙌


I can’t believe how blessed I’ve been to have such an amazing blogging community here on Avocado Thoughts. First, a HUGE thank you to Lucy from lifestyleaddict for nominating me to do this tag. Thank you, Lucy! You are so awesome. She is so sweet and amazing and all of her posts are so meaningful and awesome. Go check out her blog!

Now, for the tag… my joys are in no particular order!

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sleep tag

Hello, lovelies💜 I hope you guys are having an amazing day (^-^)

I am having a very hot day. It is currently 82 degrees and I am so very thankful to be inside for the time being. Although, I have to go to a tennis open court soon and that is going to be scorching😭

I have finally decided to post the long awaited 50 follower special. I am so surprised that one person, let alone FIFTY would decide Avocado Thoughts was worthy enough to follow. Thank you guys. I really appreciate the time you take to read my blog.

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Tips on how to make a Workout Schedule and being Gym-less: feat. Circe

Hello, beautiful readers. Long time no post. I’m always like, Sorry I haven’t posted lately! Life has been beyond busy. Which is true, most of the time. I’d say my life right now is: Eat, Sleep, Excersise. Literally this over and over again, and unfortunately it’s draining my summer.
I hope you guys enjoy this post Circe wrote! Check out her other guest post here. She really saved me from a terrible case of blog-post-writer’s block that I’m having. Enjoy:)

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Tips For Learning New Languages: feat. Daphne

Hello! My name is Daphne, and I am one of Sera’s three non-biological sisters (a super close friend that has actually gotten so close the word “friend” doesn’t suffice). So, first things first, a bit about me. My name is not Daphne, but to a small party consisting of four people, I’m Daphne and my actual name. But here’s a hint about my real name: it basically is Daphne. If you’re a Greek mythology geek like me you’ll probably get it. Anyway! Onto the topic!

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