basics for a prepping freshman college student ft. America


I have been begging my sister to write this post for me since she got back from her first semester of college this last year. This year will be my senior year of high school and college is fast approaching. I hope you guys find this enjoyable and informative! Let me know if you want to see more college based posts.


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thredUP review🎉💯🎊


I can’t voice the amount of appreciation I have for all of you – thank you for 100 followers. There is literally unending support and love that flows from this platform and I’m so thankful that I decided to join the blogging community! You are amazing.

As a way of celebration, I splurged a little and bought some clothing items to do a review! (hence this post:))

About three weeks ago, I mentioned doing a review on thredUP in my summer 2020 goals post. I’ve never ordered from thredUP before but I’ve seen many YouTube videos and flyers promoting the site and wondered if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be. I finally got around to ordering some items – here are my thoughts. (this post is not sponsored by thredUP; I bought all the clothes myself)


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Small Joys Tag 🙌


I can’t believe how blessed I’ve been to have such an amazing blogging community here on Avocado Thoughts. First, a HUGE thank you to Lucy from lifestyleaddict for nominating me to do this tag. Thank you, Lucy! You are so awesome. She is so sweet and amazing and all of her posts are so meaningful and awesome. Go check out her blog!

Now, for the tag… my joys are in no particular order!

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summer 2020 goals☀️


It is officially the beginning of summer for me- starting this week. School’s done, all of my extracurricular’s are done (… they didn’t begin this semester to start with …) and the hot weather is rolling in. To kick it off, I’m going to share with you my goals (quarantine or no quarantine) for this summer. I hope you get some inspiration from this post – let’s make this summer a productive one;) Let me know in the comments what you plan to accomplish in Summer 2020!

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Stationery – my slight obsession

Hello lovelies💜

I am very excited for today’s post! I’ve been wanting to make this idea a reality for a little bit now and I finally got around to it this week.

I have an obsession with stationery. I love pens, pencils, journaling, markers, erasers, just to mention a few. Through my obsession, I have come up with a list of my favorite stationery that I use on a daily basis – it will change your life.

I have a very high standard for what stationery I use. I’m not talking about the paper to write letters on (although I have very high standards for that as well) rather pens, pencils, i.e. office supplies. If I try to write/do assignments with stationery I dislike, I get distracted more easily or just get discouraged in general (seriously. I’m not joking). I would NOT SURVIVE without these items I will be sharing with you. I’ll include the links to where you can buy these (although this is not sponsored) !

Will this post change your life just as much as it did mine? Optimistically yes. Will you realize the importance of quality stationery and never be able to go back? Most definitely.

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Work/Study Music

Hello lovelies💜

Wow, has it already been a tough week. While my teachers are trying to take it easy on us, it has still been a very nerve-racking transition to online schooling. This playlist of music has carried me through much stress and freaking out.

(*also; in case you are wondering about my NP experiment it is very much still going. I will be posting an update on Sunday!*)

I hope this playlist will benefit you and your concentration – especially those of you studying at home. I, for one, can say that it is NOT easy to stay focused with my sister, father, mother and dog all around as I try to complete assignments. Having earbuds in and listening to this blissful music really helps me. Not only is it my favorite music to listen to to focus but I also love to listen to it just when doing anything.

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Top 10 Closet Essentials

Hello, lovelies<3

I’ve had a lot of time on my hands quarantining. One thing I have been busying myself with is sorting all my clothes and discovering the essentials and non-essentials- something I recommend you do too! I am planning on donating all of the clothing I don’t find necessary.

Anyways, while I sorted my closet, I came up with a list of the basics I find essential to my closet. These items make up the foundation of my style.

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17 Facts About Me

Yo, lovelies💜

lol, what do you think of this potential new intro instead of ‘hello, lovelies’? Is it too bro-like? Is it even possible to be too bro-like?

Anyways. *ahem* Got a little off track there.

It has officially been 3 years (wait a second. THREE years? I’ve had this blog for 3 YEARS? Okay, don’t get ahead of yourself, girl, because you can barely count 2019 because you literally dropped off the face of the planet for half the year. Wow, we are really distracted today) since I made a “facts about me” video. And oh boy, it’s amazing how one can change over the course of 3 years. I was such a naive little child back then. Oh, how things have changed (ok, things haven’t changed that much but still…).

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Summer Camp Essential Packing List

Hey, lovelies💜

It has been scorching hot here in my town and I am sheltering inside for the majority of the day. We’re talking 99-100 degrees here, people. It is literal death to step outside during the day.

Anyway, today I thought I would share with you some summer camp essentials! Things you would kick yourself for not taking. I thought this very fitting because I will be leaving this next week for a summer camp. Let me know what you always take to summer camp that I don’t have on this list!

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Philosophical Questions Answered: #1!

Hello, beautiful people💜

Ah. Guess what, guys? I approximately have 32 days of sophomore year left! And that’s not even including the days I’ll be gone for various other things like track, or music. Unfortunately, this also means my sister, America (see a post by her HERE) will be graduating:( BUT! It also means summer!! I absolutely cannot wait for summer. Not that the weather here shows that it will be summer soon. We literally just had a snow day. Ah well. I’ll survive for another month.

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