San Antonio: June 28th ~ July 3rd

Hello, humans💜

How’s summer treating you? I have been having a great summer. Not only did I get to go on vacation this last week to San Antonio, I’m going to be at a camp for about 3 weeks this month. Well, I guess this trip wasn’t quite a vacation. I went to compete in Nationals for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). It was a very nice retreat regardless. Have you gone on vacation? If so, where did you go?

It was quite the interesting trip. I hope you guys enjoy the pics!

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3 Items You Can’t Afford to Lose During Vacation

Hello, lovely readers. It’s Sera(um… who else? I confuse myself.), and we are back in the United States too soon. A few events have happened over the course of these last 3 weeks and few days (no way, Sera!! What were all of those BORING posts about?), so I figured I’d say a little something about specific events. To correspond with that, I decided to write up a list on things that can be detrimental to your vacation if lost.

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Shinkansen Travels: June 3rd~7th

Hello friends and welcome to another post! Today I have, like, a weeks worth to post about so I think I’m going to have separate it up into different days… this is due to my mum purchasing a JR pass for one week. JR trains are the main way of travel in Japan, and the passes are a really affordable way to get around. Anywho, we had to squish basically all our travel into one week to fit into the time frame.

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15 Essentials for Any Vacation

You guys. School is officially out, and my fam is about to leave the country. I am dying; I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity!! I am so excited to take some photographs that hopefully capture the amazing experience and share it with you: my beautiful readers! You can get ready for a lot of that in these next few weeks. Jumping into travel once again, here are 15 essentials for any vacation/trip!

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