A Reflection of 2018

Hello, darlings, and happy new year!!

I honestly can’t believe it is going to be 2019.

2019, people!! I am still stuck back in 2016… after 2016, I couldn’t wrap my head around 2017, 2018, or frankly 2019. I mean, we’re getting to the years people used to speculate about in movies! Like, everyone’s supposed to have elevating cars, and holographic memories/thoughts by now, right?

Haha, I guess I might be able to process that it’s 2019 a little more if I talk about what goals I accomplished and my resolutions from last year. Let’s check it out…

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2018 Goals and Resolutions

Hello, lovely readers. Today is January 21st, 2018… I’m painfully aware that we are 21 days into the New Year-*insert sheepish face*-and I am now posting my resolutions. I was a little hesitant on posting this on the Internet where everybody and their brother could see, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I could fulfill what I put on here.

I guess there’s only one way to see!

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10 Reachable New Years’ Resolution Ideas

Hola, mis amigos. Today happens to be the very last day of 2017, and we all know what that means! Setting New Years’ Resolutions that are entirely too farfetched that will never happen(probably just me again). Hm… if I remember correctly, my 2017 goals had something to do with doing the splits. I’m not sure I can currently touch my toes. That worked out very nicely. Here are some reasonable ideas for 2018 goals!

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