Photos of Wildlife on my 2016 Canada-Alaska Trip

It’s been one of those weeks. A tiring one; if you’re having a week like mine, hopefully you enjoy these calming photos:)


If you look really closely on the second to last one, there’s a cub up in the tree and one towards the bottom. I think there was another one but it was on the ground with the mama.

Hope you enjoyed these!



Photos from my 2016 Canada-Alaska Trip

Hello, people! Today I am going to post some pictures from when my family took a road trip to Canada and Alaska a couple years ago(All of these photos were taken by me or a member of my family). This is just a compilation from like, everywhere. I have a lot more photos of not only scenery but a lot more like wildlife, so I might post that later on. Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments! Enjoy!

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