september bullet journal setup📼🌈⚡️

Hello ❤

It’s been a crazy day, folks. Haha, Sera, it’s been a crazy two weeks- I managed to finish and photograph this September bujo setup all today. I’ve been planning it and thinking about what I wanted to do with it for a couple months – and it was definitely worth it. I am so pleased with how the theme turned out!

If you’re interested in watching the process of this month’s spread, head over to my Pinterest! I’ll be posting them this week.

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august bullet journal setup✨⭐️


Everyone; school starts for me this month. How crazy is that? I feel like the summer was really long but also really short at the same time. Anyway, I can’t seem to figure out whether I’m upset that school is starting or happy… my emotions are everywhere:’D Either way, I’m excited to be finishing up high school and moving on.

The theme I used as inspiration for this month mostly came from Pinterest! I thought it was super adorable and fit into a classic sophisticated rose gold aesthetic🌷

let’s go!

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july bullet journal setup🌻


I can’t believe it is already June!! Honestly, it felt like the shortest month of the year. Well, the end of this month has been pretty busy for me. We headed up to Montana to see some family (a picture post coming soon:))) and I had to do some intricate planning to make sure I got this post out in a timely manner. Otherwise, it’s been a pretty uneventful month. I’ve been trying to cram in some ACT prep and tennis to be ready for the upcoming school year. How was June for you guys?

Anyway, I did some more drawing for my July theme – I hope you enjoy!

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~june bujo setup~


I am so excited to share with you all this week’s post – I actually planned and scheduled a post for once. I know. The world might be ending. (probably shouldn’t joke about that… it literally could with the state of everything…)

I got really great feedback from my May bujo setup and decided to post my June setup as well. I am super happy with how the theme came out and hope you guys love it as much as I do:)

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*bullet journal* May setup

Hello, lovelies💜

I finally got around to making a bullet journal post! I’ve been bullet journaling for about 5 months – I asked for a blackout bullet journal last year for Christmas. It was my first bullet journal and I can say that I’m in love!

Before I get started, I want to thank Jasmin at for inspiring me to finally get this bullet journal post going… please go check out all her amazing bullet journal posts:)

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