Tips on how to make a Workout Schedule and being Gym-less: feat. Circe

Hello, beautiful readers. Long time no post. I’m always like, Sorry I haven’t posted lately! Life has been beyond busy. Which is true, most of the time. I’d say my life right now is: Eat, Sleep, Excersise. Literally this over and over again, and unfortunately it’s draining my summer.
I hope you guys enjoy this post Circe wrote! Check out her other guest post here. She really saved me from a terrible case of blog-post-writer’s block that I’m having. Enjoy:)

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5 Stages you go through before a Race

Hey, fabulous readers! It’s been a week since my last post and it honestly feels like I’ve been gone for a month. It has been a heck of a week. I had multiple track meets and competitions on top of that! To celebrate the beginning of the end of track, I thought it would be fit to go through some of the stages I experience before running at a meet! Enjoy:)

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Spring Break Running Workout(SBRW)🍄

I cannot contain my excitement in order to announce that as of Friday, Febr March 9th, 2018 at 1:30 pm I am FINALLY on Spring Break!! Do you know how much I’ve looked forward to this moment(and every other vacation ever)? Breaks from school are basically how I get through the school year. After Spring Break, it’ll be Easter, and after Easter it’ll be Summer(I think…). Anyways, my family isn’t particularly going anywhere this week I have off, so I figured I’d do a little more blogging than usual.

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Tennis Court Sunset Photography

Hello my faithful readers. I know today is not a day I usually post(am I ever on a schedule, really?), but a couple of my friends and my sister had a fun time after school today and I thought I would share some cool photos I took.

BTW, I’ve changed everyone’s names for discretion.

image1 (1)

These are my best friends, one of which who just did an amazing guest blog post previously on my blog(feel free to take a look: Mindsets to get yourself working out…and make it a habit; feat. Circe). On the top picture, from left to right it’s Thisbe, Circe and Daphne. This pic is interesting just because it seems to go short jump, medium jump, tall jump which is how their height works in real life as well.


The sun shines really bright through all of the holes in the fence and that was a real photo op. You know, the tennis courts have become a place I take a lot of photos. The lighting is just ideal there.

image2 (1)

This one is particularly a favourite just because I can’t get over that shmancy foot perfection on Circe’s right foot. Daphne and my sister America(who also did a nice blog post, check that out here: Decoding Text Messages from the Female Gender: Feat. my first guest blogger )are on the sides.


Holding onto the wire fence was really painful for their feet, let me tell you. Honestly, I’m surprised they could even hold it that long. (Daphne left, Circe right)


Daphne left, Circe middle, America right.

Whenever we go to the tennis courts to exercise, I think we end up doing more socializing that actual tennis playing:D

Which photo was your favourite?


5 Easy Ways to Be Active Over the Holidays

Christmas Break has finally arrived! (For me, at least! My sincerest apologies if you are still stuck in that dreadful place called school/work…) Unfortunately, this means a break from sports as well, and sometimes a harder way to excercise with all that white powder and slick death traps lying around.

Here are some tips to be active during the holidays!

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