summer 2020 goals☀️


It is officially the beginning of summer for me- starting this week. School’s done, all of my extracurricular’s are done (… they didn’t begin this semester to start with …) and the hot weather is rolling in. To kick it off, I’m going to share with you my goals (quarantine or no quarantine) for this summer. I hope you get some inspiration from this post – let’s make this summer a productive one;) Let me know in the comments what you plan to accomplish in Summer 2020!

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2019 Goals and Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome to the first post of 2019! –Activate cheesy Sera- I’m so excited for this new year of new opportunities and experiences! I am looking forward to the overwhelming potential of this next year and am hoping to utilize it with all of my worth. I have so many ideas for blog posts and guest collaborators this year on Avocado Thoughts and I’m so excited you all are here to enjoy the ride with me:)

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A Reflection of 2018

Hello, darlings, and happy new year!!

I honestly can’t believe it is going to be 2019.

2019, people!! I am still stuck back in 2016… after 2016, I couldn’t wrap my head around 2017, 2018, or frankly 2019. I mean, we’re getting to the years people used to speculate about in movies! Like, everyone’s supposed to have elevating cars, and holographic memories/thoughts by now, right?

Haha, I guess I might be able to process that it’s 2019 a little more if I talk about what goals I accomplished and my resolutions from last year. Let’s check it out…

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