Asian Pacific American Heritage Month ft. my mom+sister


May is Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month! I’m really excited to do a post about it this year; I actually didn’t know APA Month was a thing until this year. Which is very sad. There needs to be more awareness about this month – Asian-Americans deserve to be represented.

As I said in my About Me page, I am Japanese-American; exactly half Japanese. I haven’t really written about being Japanese besides posts from my 2016 and 2018 trips to Japan as well as a post where I compare Japanese schools VS American schools. I’m hoping to change that as I’ve started discovering my Asian-American self a bit more this year:)

Anyway, I talk a bit about representation and my journey being Japanese-American in this post and also did a little Q&A my sister (who is also half-Japanese) and my mom (Japanese citizen) to celebrate! I hope you can relate – if you are also Asian-American – or learn something new.


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Hello, beautiful persons.

I have been homesick for Japan lately… I miss my family and the entire enviornment there. In case you’re new here or just didn’t know, my mom’s entire side of the family is in Japan. Like, everyone. She is the only person from her family in the States. Which makes me half Japanese(side note: the way Japan has things right now, when I turn 22 I have to choose Japanese citizenship or American citizenship because they don’t allow dual citizenship. Petition!! Please.). I’ve been privileged enough to be able to experience elementary and junior high there, and there are a lot of differences between Japanese schools and American schools. A disclaimer, though, when I say “experienced” school in Japan, I’ve attended for about 2 weeks every summer.  Also, this is all based off of what happened to me and the schools I went to. I’m sure there are different things and more similar things about schools in Japan and US depending on where you go:) Fun fact: I actually visited a Japanese school before an American school! (granted, it was a kindergarten tour thingy…) So here is Japan vs USA schooling! Comment/like if you think I should make Japan vs US a series!

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3 Items You Can’t Afford to Lose During Vacation

Hello, lovely readers. It’s Sera(um… who else? I confuse myself.), and we are back in the United States too soon. A few events have happened over the course of these last 3 weeks and few days (no way, Sera!! What were all of those BORING posts about?), so I figured I’d say a little something about specific events. To correspond with that, I decided to write up a list on things that can be detrimental to your vacation if lost.

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Shinkansen Travels: June 3rd~7th

Hello friends and welcome to another post! Today I have, like, a weeks worth to post about so I think I’m going to have separate it up into different days… this is due to my mum purchasing a JR pass for one week. JR trains are the main way of travel in Japan, and the passes are a really affordable way to get around. Anywho, we had to squish basically all our travel into one week to fit into the time frame.

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15 Essentials for Any Vacation

You guys. School is officially out, and my fam is about to leave the country. I am dying; I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity!! I am so excited to take some photographs that hopefully capture the amazing experience and share it with you: my beautiful readers! You can get ready for a lot of that in these next few weeks. Jumping into travel once again, here are 15 essentials for any vacation/trip!

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Photos of Food from my 2016 Japan Trip

I absolutely love taking pictures of all food I eat. It’s a real problem.(I can imagine myself as an Instagrammer, and every photo I post is of food:)

It’s a little belated, but here’s some photos of delicious food I ate from my 2016 Christmas Japan Trip!

Don’t you just love that little Santa and reindeer decoration? You can find all sorts of cute things like that around Japan:)

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?