8 Categories of People in your Life

Hello, friends! Welcome to another post here on Avocado Thoughts. My sister told me today that I need to make a good friend at school. And I was like, who needs new friends when you have YouTube and Netflix?? Plus, I don’t have time for new friends. So I was like, there are a lot of different types of people in your life. Here’s who they are.

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Tips on how to make a Workout Schedule and being Gym-less: feat. Circe

Hello, beautiful readers. Long time no post. I’m always like, Sorry I haven’t posted lately! Life has been beyond busy. Which is true, most of the time. I’d say my life right now is: Eat, Sleep, Excersise. Literally this over and over again, and unfortunately it’s draining my summer.
I hope you guys enjoy this post Circe wrote! Check out her other guest post here. She really saved me from a terrible case of blog-post-writer’s block that I’m having. Enjoy:)

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The 4 Best Highschool Graduation Gift Ideas

Hey guys! I’m really sorry that my summer posting has been extremely unpredictable. What can I say? I’ve just been going with the flow lately! This year a lot more people I know graduated from highschool, more than usual, and even though it’s getting kinda late in the season, I figured I’d make a graduation gift guide. These ideas are all based off of things I personally would like to receive(I mean, I guess I think I’m a relatable person?😅). Let me know what you received or what you would like to receive in the comments;)

Let’s go!

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Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

Hello, my blog readers! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve actually addressed you guys… I guess my last actual post where I wrote stuff out was The Vegan life?.

Anywho, guess what? It’s tis the season to be excited for summer! And what does summer mean? Travelling, travelling and more travelling! My family is actually taking a few trips this year(you guys will definitely get some pictures:D Maybe some more frequent uploads?…:)), and I think it might be relatable to some of you frequent travelers to hear some tips from an amateur or help some first-timers have a more comfortable trip. Let’s go!

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Tips For Learning New Languages: feat. Daphne

Hello! My name is Daphne, and I am one of Sera’s three non-biological sisters (a super close friend that has actually gotten so close the word “friend” doesn’t suffice). So, first things first, a bit about me. My name is not Daphne, but to a small party consisting of four people, I’m Daphne and my actual name. But here’s a hint about my real name: it basically is Daphne. If you’re a Greek mythology geek like me you’ll probably get it. Anyway! Onto the topic!

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The Vegan life?

Hello my fantastic readers! Today is an amazing day:) There was a scheduled track meet that was cancelled for weather and man, I’m glad to not have to deal with the stress.

Anywho, for today’s post I decided to address something I’ve been trying out for a while now(I first mentioned it in this post: 2018 Goals and Resolutions)…. veganism! Here are some of the reasons I am trying it out and why you might consider it too; I have trusted sources on all of my facts- if you’d like to see them just leave a comment or feel free to contact me!

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A Flashback to my Childhood

Hello, friends. This is a bit off topic, but I once considered calling all my readers “Avocados”. That idea was obviously a bit off the rails. Then again, I’m kinda off the rails.

Today is the last real day of spring break (as you can tell by my frazzled self), and I was having a nice longing flashback earlier today; of all the things I did this past break and the things I could have done to make it less stressful for me now. Anyhow, I ended up flash-backing a little farther than planned and decided to do this post on stuff that my little past self thought was so cool back a few years ago.

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20 Things You Should Probably Remember To Do Daily

First of all, hello to all of you people. Excuse the lateness of this post; It seems the February-March time is very busy for me… Unfortunately, this will be short because I’m currently cramming an Alg. II extraneous solutions packet, English essay paper, and bathroom cleaning(for my mother) all due tomorrow right now-seriously praying for a snow day!!- Secondly, look forward to next week because I will be posting my second collab with one of my besties who will be going by Circe:)

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