some senior photography🌻


Yesterday was my three year anniversary on WordPress🤭 It’s crazy to think that just 3 years ago little 14 year old Sera started Avocado Thoughts. To be honest, the timing was impeccable. I was also getting my senior photos taken yesterday, thinking to myself how time flies. As a little tribute, I’m going to be sharing some of the behind the scenes pictures from the photo shoot:)

Time to get nostalgic –

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montana trip 2020


Guys. It has been so long since I’ve done a photography/travel post on here! It is loooooong overdue. This last week my family took a trip up to see my uncle and aunt (while social distancing) in Montana. My dad is planning a backpacking trip so we ended up doing a lot of hiking and running. I’ll explain more as we get into the pictures, but the scenery was gorgeous!

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San Antonio: June 28th ~ July 3rd

Hello, humans💜

How’s summer treating you? I have been having a great summer. Not only did I get to go on vacation this last week to San Antonio, I’m going to be at a camp for about 3 weeks this month. Well, I guess this trip wasn’t quite a vacation. I went to compete in Nationals for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). It was a very nice retreat regardless. Have you gone on vacation? If so, where did you go?

It was quite the interesting trip. I hope you guys enjoy the pics!

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