…school started + my first portrait painting

Hello ❤

I am stressed. I’ve had the entirety of 5 months to prepare for my senior year and yet I feel more unprepared than ever. College applications are looming, scholarship deadlines seem to be flying towards me, ACT and SAT prep is overwhelming and my schedule seems to be packed with important dates.

Today was the first day of school and to be honest with you, I’m already exhausted. I apologize in advance; my blogging schedule is going to switch up at least for August. Now that school has started, I’m going to shoot for one post every two weeks… but I hope I can get two in.

While I’ve had a tiring couple of weeks, I hit a really cool milestone! A couple weeks ago, I switched my Pinterest account to a business one and started uploading videos of my bullet journal. Yesterday I hit 100K monthly viewers! Thank you guys for everything.

I’ve been pretty overwhelmed but I wanted to post something to let you all know I’m not dead nor have I forgotten about you. Aaaand I recently painted my first ever portrait; here are some pictures!

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