Today’s post is going to be short but important.
I stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. I stand in support of the change they, no we, stand for- of the equality that every person deserves.
As I watch all the riots and peaceful protests around the country I can’t just sit and be quiet. Of all times to speak up – I would argue NOW is the time to use your voice. All platforms we have – No matter how small or large are important.
Fight for what is right and you won’t regret it later.

Be safe out there.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month ft. my mom+sister


May is Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month! I’m really excited to do a post about it this year; I actually didn’t know APA Month was a thing until this year. Which is very sad. There needs to be more awareness about this month – Asian-Americans deserve to be represented.

As I said in my About Me page, I am Japanese-American; exactly half Japanese. I haven’t really written about being Japanese besides posts from my 2016 and 2018 trips to Japan as well as a post where I compare Japanese schools VS American schools. I’m hoping to change that as I’ve started discovering my Asian-American self a bit more this year:)

Anyway, I talk a bit about representation and my journey being Japanese-American in this post and also did a little Q&A my sister (who is also half-Japanese) and my mom (Japanese citizen) to celebrate! I hope you can relate – if you are also Asian-American – or learn something new.


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Call Me By Your Name pt. 2 – ✨movie review✨


Okay everyone. You are about to read a review of a movie based on a book in which is so perfect it cannot be described in words. (As you can see, I am quite obsessed with the book – literally it is the GOAT) In my mind, the greatest book to ever exist on this humble Earth.

This is the second half in my Call Me By Your Name (CMBYN) review. Go check out my book review (AGHH I’m literally hyperventilating – I love this book so freaking much!!) if you haven’t already. I 100% recommend!

*similar to the book review, I haven’t included any spoilers!*

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