2020 fall/winter lewks

Hello, friends.

I am so excited to be writing again today! It’s been too long:( I missed it and all you lovely folks ❤ I noticed we have a couple new followers who joined the Avocado Thoughts family while I was MIA… welcome and I hope you enjoy the content!

Now. I have a couple things to address… did I say I would be attempting to post twice a month during school? Yes. Has that happened? No. Have I even been able to accomplish once a month? No. Am I disappointed in myself? Slightly, yes. Whale, it’s been a crazy last couple of months and I’ve been going a little off the rails -as you can tell by this intro- so if you’re interested, I’ll write a quick overview of my most recent life events in the next segment. If you’re here for the fo-tos you can go ahead and skip ahead of this next part:)

Here is an overview of my life for the past 2 months in 8 bullet points:

  • I’ve been completing scholarship and college applications and stressing about admissions like crazy. I also had an interview with Yale last week so that was exciting! I’m not getting my hopes up, though. The acceptance rate is 6.3% after all.
  • I finished out my tennis and cross country season – a bit bittersweet. Tennis is my absolute favorite sport so it was sad to be done but I’m excited to play in other tournaments in the future:>
  • I took the ACT again!
  • I turned 18, babeeeeyyy!! LOL, not that I can do anything at 18. Nor would I. I’m just now a legal adult.
  • I’m still doing the No-Poo method. Although I’m starting to think about other methods… I’m planning an update soon. Probably in January.
  • I was quarantined for direct contact with someone with coronavirus but luckily I tested negative. stay safe out there.
  • We put up our christmas tree yesterday :))
  • I’ve almost survived Calculus. I’m almost there. The semester is over in under two weeks but holy cow has it been a struggle. I’m so thankful to be done after this D**:

That’s all I can think of currently. I have been so insanely busy with school and college prep and everything in between that I have been a true frazzle of a person. It’s been rough this year but I am holding out hope for 2021. Let’s get into the fall/winter outfits!

Here are the lewks! I’ll go into more detail under the photo gallery about where I got each item and any other info 😀

Lewk 1

I really love this one. It might be my favorite outfit in this lookbook. It reminds me of Wonder Woman or something and makes me feel like I could beat some criminal to a pulp while also looking like a goddess. This outfit is probably more for a warmer climate or maybe earlier in the fall, although I did pair my mom’s tan trench coat with it to warm it up a bit in the last photo.

The jeans I’m wearing in this outfit are super nice- they are 99% cotton and have a button fly, which I really like. Plus, do you see that high rise? Gorgeous. Recently I read that jeans that have high levels of cotton will last longer in the long run so I’ve been on the lookout for that. They are a bit stiff when you first get them but break in really comfortably. I would really recommend!

Lewk 2

Unfortunately I can’t give you all much more info on this outfit because I got the top in Japan. It is really nice, though, if that helps. I love the neckline and style. I thought it was called a cowl neck but I can’t find anything similar to it under that name. Does anyone know what this neckline is called?

Lewk 3

I love this new trend of layering turtle necks under items so I tried it out myself with this outfit. She’s mild but I think it was a success!

I got the cute rosy pink cardigan from Ross.. it has cute tie ribbons on the sides and big pockets on the front. I couldn’t find this one sold anywhere either (brand Alya if you’re interested) so I linked something that looks similar.

Lewk 4

We’re back at it again with turtleneck layering, baby! I like the v-neck on top look. I originally got the grey v-neck from H&M but again, I don’t think it’s sold anymore so I linked something really close.

The jeans I’m wearing in this outfit I actually got from a friend who got them at a garage sale. I believe they are 100% cotton and the brand is Rocky Mountain Jeans. I think they’re from the 80s. They don’t have pockets in the back and are really high rise – which as you can see is something I look for in a jean. They also do a good job of scrunching my intestines to their bursting point, causing me to grunt when sitting down and prevent me from eating food. But they are ‘vintage’ in a sense and I don’t believe the brand is sold anymore. *sigh* The sacrifices we make for fashion.

Lewk 5

I’ve been enjoying a good square neckline lately. I think it is flattering for the collarbones and neck area. With a cute bralette and necklace, you’ve got fash-on.

Can you tell I was on full model mode posing for these pictures?

Lewk 6

Another layering moment ❤ My sister got me this Hollywood shirt as a souvenir when she went a couple summers ago. Super cute and more of a trendy look!

You could really use any simple t-shirt layered on top to recreate this outfit.

Lewk 7

She is beauty, she is grace, she is miss United States! (that’s been stuck in my head) Just look at that “oh you caught me walking the short distance between this wall and cabinet” stance. So natural.

These are the same 80s pants from before – you can see the lack of pockets in this photo. I feel very throw-back in this outfit. In a good way. It’s like constantly doing Throwback Thursday. I love the style:D

What did you guys think of these fall/winter lewks? Which was your favorite outfit? I’m really loving my wardrobe this season and I hope you guys do too:) Hehe, I included Niko in the gallery to bless you all with a little cuteness.

I would like to say that I’ll probably post again in December but I’ll be honest with you all – the last of all my college deadlines are coming up and I’m gonna be pretty swamped finishing them up. I’ll post when I can, but I am thinking of you ❤

Stay safe and healthy out there.



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