Top 10 Closet Essentials

Hello, lovelies<3

I’ve had a lot of time on my hands quarantining. One thing I have been busying myself with is sorting all my clothes and discovering the essentials and non-essentials- something I recommend you do too! I am planning on donating all of the clothing I don’t find necessary.

Anyways, while I sorted my closet, I came up with a list of the basics I find essential to my closet. These items make up the foundation of my style.

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Call Me By Your Name pt.1 – ✨book review✨

Hello, lovelies💜

I am SO excited for today’s post… a review of one of my favorite books of all time. Now, do not take this lightly. Because I have read quite a few books in my time (…by that i mean i was a distinguished member of my elementary school’s millionaire word count book club…), and I rank this book above all else. While I will say it is subject to change, it is highly, HIGHLY unlikely.

*I have not included any spoilers… everything I talk about here is disclosed in the blurb of the book.

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covid19 + thoughts

Hello, lovelies💜

How are you all handling this craziness surrounding Coronavirus? I hope you are all healthy and safely quarantining. I am doing my best to stay home and be productive😅

About a week ago, I believe I said to a couple of my friends; “I think this is all an overreaction,” and “There’s no way they will close down school, that’s ridiculous!” (also notice the word “they” – naive Sera didn’t even know who might close down our school district let alone the magnitude of this virus). Granted, I do live in a relatively small town where a lot of times, the problems that affect the majority of the population of the United States do not affect our little community. Well, I can tell you that I have most definitely changed my mind about Coronavirus. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

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17 Facts About Me

Yo, lovelies💜

lol, what do you think of this potential new intro instead of ‘hello, lovelies’? Is it too bro-like? Is it even possible to be too bro-like?

Anyways. *ahem* Got a little off track there.

It has officially been 3 years (wait a second. THREE years? I’ve had this blog for 3 YEARS? Okay, don’t get ahead of yourself, girl, because you can barely count 2019 because you literally dropped off the face of the planet for half the year. Wow, we are really distracted today) since I made a “facts about me” video. And oh boy, it’s amazing how one can change over the course of 3 years. I was such a naive little child back then. Oh, how things have changed (ok, things haven’t changed that much but still…).

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2020 Update

Hello lovelies💜

How is everyone doing? It’s nearing 8 months since I’ve posted here on Avocado Thoughts. It’s been a crazy end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 and unfortunately I still can’t find a valid excuse for leaving all my followers so suddenly and without an explanation- please forgive me.

I can’t believe it’s already March of 2020!

I’d like to give a shoutout to Jasmin, from for giving me some inspiration to continue my blog despite my long break. I’m really thankful for your words of encouragement! Please go check out her blog- it’s really awesome:)

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Summer Camp Essential Packing List

Hey, lovelies💜

It has been scorching hot here in my town and I am sheltering inside for the majority of the day. We’re talking 99-100 degrees here, people. It is literal death to step outside during the day.

Anyway, today I thought I would share with you some summer camp essentials! Things you would kick yourself for not taking. I thought this very fitting because I will be leaving this next week for a summer camp. Let me know what you always take to summer camp that I don’t have on this list!

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San Antonio: June 28th ~ July 3rd

Hello, humans💜

How’s summer treating you? I have been having a great summer. Not only did I get to go on vacation this last week to San Antonio, I’m going to be at a camp for about 3 weeks this month. Well, I guess this trip wasn’t quite a vacation. I went to compete in Nationals for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). It was a very nice retreat regardless. Have you gone on vacation? If so, where did you go?

It was quite the interesting trip. I hope you guys enjoy the pics!

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Hello, gorgeous humans💜

Today I have amazing news. News that I have been selfish about and kept to myself til now:)

We have adopted a new puppy into my family! His name is Nikolas, Niko for short, and he is about 11 weeks old. He is a Havanese puppy. He was born on April 16th, 2019, and he is one of the most adorable things to ever exist!! I might be a little biased😜 I figured I would bless you all with some pictures of the little puff of fur.

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sleep tag

Hello, lovelies💜 I hope you guys are having an amazing day (^-^)

I am having a very hot day. It is currently 82 degrees and I am so very thankful to be inside for the time being. Although, I have to go to a tennis open court soon and that is going to be scorching😭

I have finally decided to post the long awaited 50 follower special. I am so surprised that one person, let alone FIFTY would decide Avocado Thoughts was worthy enough to follow. Thank you guys. I really appreciate the time you take to read my blog.

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How to Paint Your Water Bottle

Hello, lovelies💜

I am so excited to share this post with you! I’ve been working on it for a few days now, and I think my patience has payed off. I guess we’ll see:) So a little bit on my inspiration for this post… I’ve been seeing so many people with Hydroflasks around and thought it would be cool to make it really unique. Then I started seeing people painting their bottles on Pinterest and thought that was genius!! So this is my tutorial on how to paint your water bottle. I hope you guys will enjoy this way to make your water bottle different!

Really quickly before we start, I wanted to thank you all for 50 amazing followers!!! You guys are amazing and I love blogging because of it:) I’m still deciding on what type of post I want to do to celebrate, so hang in there. Alright. I think that’s it! Enjoy!

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